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Classic 4×4 Insurance

Standard & Modified 4×4 Schemes

Our standard classic Land Rover scheme offers a choice of limited annual mileage options from 1,500 to 5,000 miles, includes free agreed value and UK & EU roadside assistance & recovery. This scheme is currently available for Land Rover and Range Rover (or derivative) models for vehicles produced in and before the year 2000.

Our modified classic scheme offers a choice of limited annual mileage from 1,000 to 5,000 miles and is designed for all modified 4×4 vehicles 10 years and older, for drivers aged between 25 and 74.

The scheme is for genuine highly modified off-road vehicles. It is not intended as cover for low mileage road bias vehicles which have no (or only light cosmetic i.e. different wheels/tyres) modifications. All vehicles must be at least 10 years old. All drivers must own or have sole use of another vehicle for daily main use.

It offers cover for the vehicle whilst it is being used for club arranged off-road open days or club arranged green lane events.

Classic 4×4 insurance specific to your needs

PBIS only works with highly respected insurers, offering well specified policies. Not only will you receive fully comprehensive classic car insurance cover, normally with agreed value (subject to photographs), but also peace of mind in the event of a claim.

Policy Features and Benefits may include:

  • Comprehensive cover as standard
  • Various annual mileage options – Match mileage option to your usage.
  • UK Breakdown and Recovery
  • Agreed Value – Reviewed every three years, or earlier on request if you feel the value has altered due to on-going restoration, market forces, etc.
  • Motor Legal Expenses Insurance – An important optional addition to your policy to cover uninsured losses, ie recovery of your policy excess following a non-fault accident or legal expenses as a result of an event that was not your fault.
  • Discounts for club membership – If you’ve taken your passion for a classic a bit further and already belong to an owners club, you will normally be able to benefit from our club membership discount or even a special scheme designed for your particular club. If you are not already a member, check out our list of classic car marques and owners’ clubs. Membership of a club may well pay for itself in reduced insurance premiums.

Modern 4×4

PBIS appreciates that many classic owners also own more modern 4x4s so can provide a competitive quotation for your 4×4 whatever the age. Just call one of our specialist sales advisers for further information


Classic Car Insurance from Peter Best Insurance Services

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