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PBIS Tips to reduce your premium,Classic Vehicle Insurance (UK)

  • Secure your vehicle

    Depending on your post-code area, some classic vehicle insurance will require you to keep your vehicle locked in a concrete or brick built garage.

  • Consider the use of the vehicle

    If your classic car is used for high days and holidays only, opt for a limited mileage policy.

  • Add a security device

    Fitting an alarm, immobiliser or tracker to your classic may attract a discounted premium.

  • Increase your excess

    Some of our policies have variable rates for increasing your excess above the required minimum. By increasing your excess, premiums may be reduced.

  • Multi-vehicle discounts

    Some policies offer additional discounts where there are more vehicles than drivers. If you own more than one classic you may be able to benefit from a cheaper premium.

  • Join an Owners Club

    If you join a bona-fide classic car, motorcycle or other collectable vehicle club you may well qualify for club membership discounts.

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