Driving Abroad

New rules on travel in the EU came into effect from 2nd August 2021 and it will no longer be a legal requirement to carry a green card.

As a result of the UK being added to the Green Card Free Circulation area, drivers of UK-registered vehicles, including those from Northern Ireland will no longer need green card insurance when driving their vehicle in EU countries.

Please note that a Green Card may still be required to drive in other countries, including: Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

We recommend that anyone thinking of driving abroad remains up to date with the rules and requirements. You can find out more information from the Government web pages:

We would advise you to check your original documents carefully and use the information on the government website for full guidance.

To help, we have listed various FAQs below which we hope will be of assistance but please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need clarification.

Useful information...

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