Peter Best Insurance is proud to support the Citroen Car Club and its members as an Approved Insurance Partner.

Peter Best Insurance has worked closely with the Citroen Car Club for many years. During that time, we’ve developed specialist polices for Citroen owners who now make up one of our important groups of clients.

Back in the 1980’s when we launched, it was our specialist knowledge and bespoke classic and cherished policies that set us apart. Today we offer the widest range of classic and modern car policies covering all models and ages of Citroen.

A 2CV to a ZX, Peter Best Insurance offers classic and performance car insurance for most models and ages* of Citroen.

From a standard XM to a race-tuned Xsara, a laid up GS or a Traction Avant restoration project, we can provide tailor-made classic car insurance policies to meet your needs.

Citroen Car Club classic car insurance may come with a range of benefits including agreed value, discounts for limited mileage, roadside assistance & recovery and of course CCC membership discount.

*Subject to satisfying all criteria, Classic car insurance may be offered for vehicles registered before 1995, some variants manufactured more than 10 years ago may also qualify subject to insurers terms and conditions.