Peter Best Insurance was founded to provide specialist classic car insurance for UK car club members.

Back in the 1980’s when our company was first established, it was our specialist knowledge and bespoke classic and cherished policies that set us apart. And so today we offer the widest range of classic car policies covering all marques and ages of vehicle including policies for Classic Ford Owners Club members.


Peter Best Insurance has a real passion for Classic Cars – indeed, we were founded to service the needs of the specialist Classic Car market.

Today, over 30 years later, our business has expanded so that we can now offer a wide range of insurance products – for cars, for homes, for business and more. But it's a love of Classic motoring that still guides our business and the bespoke service ethic we developed working with Classic Car Owners and Owners Clubs, still drives us to this day.

Affordable, fast and fun, as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of both sports and family cars, the sheer range of Ford classics is extraordinary.

Whether you own a Ford Popular, or ‘Pop’, or one of the Zephyr, Zodiac family or perhaps a Ford Capri, Ford Escort, Ford Transit van or Ford Cortina, Peter Best Insurance can arrange your classic Ford cover for you.

Ford also produced a range of powerful sports variants such as the Mark 1 Lotus Cortina and Capri 3 litre, highly collectible today, and which we’re very happy to insure. With cover on classic Ford car insurance, laid up cover and agreed mileage options are available as standard.

Quite simply... whatever insurance product you're looking for... our service is still classic.