Peter Best Insurance was established in 1985 to meet the insurance needs of classic car owners, specifically members of the numerous classic car clubs across the UK. Our Classic car insurance policies are tailored for specific makes and models including, of course, classic Sunbeam, alongside many more iconic marques of yesteryear!

At Peter Best we understand that classic Sunbeam owners require specialist insurance cover for their beloved classic cars. Our experience shows that owners who are members of a classic car club really care for and value their vehicles, so we offer car club insurance discounts to members of bona-fide UK classic car clubs.

So, if you are a member of the Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club, Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club or any other Sunbeam related classic car club, we will apply a car club member discount to your classic car insurance policy.

Peter Best’s Classic Sunbeam insurance policies come with free legal cover, free agreed value and a choice of limited mileage options as part of our comprehensive policy cover, so you can rest assured your pride and joy is in good hands. We also cover for a wide range of vehicle modifications as well as ‘laid up’ cover for non-road use or restoration purposes.

After 35 years in business, UK Car Clubs remain the core focus for Peter Best and we continue to support many classic car clubs through sponsorship and advertising, helping these organisations continue their fabulous work.

We very much appreciate that classic car club representatives are predominately volunteers, dedicating their time and energies into preserving motoring history, and so we’re proud to support classic car clubs, their officers, and members.

Peter Best Insurance has a real passion for Classic Cars – indeed, we were founded to service the needs of the specialist Classic Car market.

Today, over 30 years later, our business has expanded so that we can now offer a wide range of insurance products – for cars, for homes, for business and more. But it's a love of Classic motoring that still guides our business and the bespoke service ethic we developed working with Classic Car Owners and Owners Clubs, still drives us to this day.

The Sunbeam racing heritage is well known, but amongst their classic cars, it is probably the Sunbeam Alpine and its fearsome brother, the V8 Sunbeam Tiger which are the most popular amongst classic Sunbeam enthusiasts.

Equally impressive is the Sunbeam Stiletto, a variant of the hugely popular Hillman Imp and the Sunbeam Rapier (which my Dad used to own). All Sunbeams are easily accessible and fun to run as classics.

Quite simply... whatever insurance product you're looking for... our service is still classic.