Peter Best Insurance works closely with The IMP Club, supporting both the Club and offering competitive car insurance to its members.

With production spanning the 60’s and 70’s, initially under Rootes Group then Chrysler, this mass-produced alternative to BMC’s Mini, set new standards in the small economy family car market. With a variety of body styles and trim the IMP inspired other manufacturers of its time, adopting its major components to produce cars such as Ginetta and Bond.

From Caledonians to Stilettos, Peter Best Insurance offers Classic car insurance for most if not all makes and models of IMP and IMP variants.

From a standard Singer Chamois to a race-tuned IMP Sport, a laid up Hillman Californian or a Husky Van restoration project, we can provide tailor-made classic car insurance policies to meet your needs.

The IMP Car Club classic car insurance may come with a range of benefits including free agreed value, discounts for limited mileage, roadside assistance & recovery, free legal cover and of course IMP Club membership discount. Multi-car policies are also available upon request.