Military Vehicle Insurance designed for Military Enthusiasts 

As an owner of a military vehicle whether, more usually, an Ex-Military Land Rover or perhaps something more heavy duty, such as an armoured personnel carrier or Chieftain tank, we understand that your insurance requirements will differ widely depending on the specific use of your vehicle. Whilst a Field Ambulance or Willys Jeep will likely require road use we would not anticipate the same cover for most tracked vehicles such as an Alvis Stormer or indeed a Russian T-72 tank.

Owners and collectors of Ex-Military vehicles will be only too aware that, when it comes to finding an insurance policy for their beloved vehicle, they need the assurance to speaking to a specialist Military Insurance broker such as Peter Best.

At Peter Best we work closely with our select panel of Military Insurance providers offering unique policy cover protecting you and your Military Vehicle. With over 35 years’ experience insuring specialist vehicles such as ex-MOD vehicles from the Army, Navy, Marines, RAF, Special Forces or Reserves, EU, United States and Eastern Bloc Imported Vehicles, also catering for Daimler reconnaissance scout cars (Dingo’s and Ferrets) and a host of Military armoured combat and transport vehicles, we know how important it is that your Military insurance policy exactly matches your requirements.

With such an array of Ex-Military vehicles, our standard policy features cover a wide range of benefits encompassing the specific needs of the military vehicle owner.

Free Agreed Value – subject to receiving photographs and documentation we will agree the correct value of your military vehicle, so you receive the true value in the event of a total loss claim (less any policy excess).

Club Member Discounts – For MVT and bona fide Military Vehicle Club members we offer a discount on your Military vehicle insurance premium

Accessory Cover – Accessories, such as winches etc, are included in your cover provided that they are permanently fixed to the vehicle

Show and Event Cover – Attend enthusiast shows and events with the peace-of-mind of knowing your vehicle is covered

Dismantled Parts Cover – Military Vehicle parts kept either in your home or locked garage at your home address are covered under the policy

Cover for drivers age 21-70 – Those under 25 must be a member of the Military Vehicle Trust

Cover for Left Hand Drive Vehicles – Appropriate experience may be required

Cover for Vehicles not registered with the DVLA –We can cover your vehicle if it is Laid up and SORN. Third Party liability may be offered in some limited situations, such as use on private land and loading on/off vehicle at acceptable organised events.

Free Legal Cover – this covers your legal expenses for any legal action you may take as the result of an accident.

Limited Mileage Options – Depending on what motorised vehicle you own, discounts may be applied for reduced mileages. We understand many ex-military vehicles will have very limited road use, some none at all.

Modifications – If your Military Vehicle has modifications on a ‘like for like’ basis that are appropriate to the vehicle these can be included

Multi-Vehicle Discounts – For enthusiasts that own two or more vehicles, discounts and multi-vehicle policies may be offered (always subject to meeting insurer’s criteria)

Salvage Retention Rights – if, in the event of a total loss on your Military Vehicle (provided the vehicle can be repaired under legal guidelines), we will permit you to keep the vehicle as part of the claim settlement. Such claims will be settled, less any excess and the salvage value of the vehicle as deemed by the insurer.

Uninsured loss recovery for non-fault claims – recover money you have paid out following an accident that was not your fault.

Windsceen Cover – Glass cover up to £500 per policy year

Roadside Assistance and Recovery – Subject to vehicle, breakdown cover may be offered as an optional ‘add-on’