Why Choose Peter Best Insurance Specialist Kit Car Insurance

Established in 1985, as a specialist insurance broker providing insurance for classic cars, we have a passion for everything motorised! Our experienced UK-based sales team take great pride in delivering customer satisfaction and that’s the reason why we have become one of the most trusted names providing specialist motor insurance in the UK. 

With access to the UK’s leading non-standard insurance underwriters, we will do our utmost to provide you with the best possible insurance policy to cover you and your kit car.  

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Kit cars come in many guises, predominantly sold by manufacturers as a set of parts which are then ‘married up’ with engines and transmission systems from ‘donor’ vehicles. As the name suggests, these are commonly known as ‘Component’ Cars. Kit cars also come in the form of ‘re-body’ cars, meaning the chassis of a standard vehicle has been used and a body kit added. 

As you might expect, many kit and replica cars are totally unique which is why choosing the right kit car insurance policy is so important.  

Peter Best works closely with the leading UK underwriting companies specialising in non-standard motor insurance. With a choice of over 100 insurance schemes, we tailor your policy for you and your kit car.  

Popular kit cars that we cover include Dutton, Tiger, Westfield, Robin Hood, Caterham, Gardener Douglass, Fisher, Marlin, GTM and DNA kit cars. Typical replica cars include Ferrari, AC Cobra, Lamborghini and Porsche.